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Is distance education for me?

Distance education is a great way to learn. And like any learning situation, it requires you to

  • be dedicated, organized, and focused
  • be able to motivate yourself
  • be able to manage your time
  • set your own schedule
  • work independently
  • be able to recognize and seek help from your professor (tutor / instructor) when you need it
  • be able to balance your studies with your work and family commitments

If you are unsure if distance education is for you, the University's Counselling Services provide some assessment tools and resources.

For more information, please refer to Distance Education at AU.

Is this program for me?

In order to answer this question, you need to compare us to others.

Compare Our Program With Other Programs Contact Decide
Transfer credit awarded
Program Goals
Program Courses
Student/Instructor Ratio
Student Support Services
If you have any questions, please Contact Us to have them answered by an advisor. Is distance education for me; is this program for me? If yes, please see: Personal Planner
Ask: will it meet my needs to
  • acquire the knowledge and skills to perform a broader and more responsible range of tasks
  • gain a promotion
  • make a career change and/or
  • gain entry to graduate school?

Updated March 12 2015 by Student & Academic Services

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