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Introduction to the Governance, Law & Management Program - Transcript

Hi my name is Lorna Stefanick and I am the coordinator of the Bachelor of Professional Arts Governance Law and Management stream.

I have a PHD from Queens University specializing in Public Administration, I have been the head of Athabasca University Governance Program since 2004. I have many years experience teaching and learning at a distance. It is a great way to pursue higher education while balancing other commitments in your life.

The Governance Program is an innovative interdisciplinary program that positions its graduates to provide leadership, and a network and a globalized work place where efficiency, accountability and an ethical governance, are of paramount importance. This program allows mid-career professionals with a 2 or 3 year college or technical school diploma to move seamlessly into the third year of a 4 year Liberal Arts University Degree Program. Students have diverse backgrounds including administration, legal, Recreation, Policing and Human Services.

Graduates of the Governance program hold many different types of positions from policy analysts, to fund raisers to managers some go on to Graduate Studies or to Law School.

Think you might want to enrol but are unsure what to do next, give one of our student advisors a call. Advisors can assist you in determining if your diploma program has already been pre-approved if it hasn’t they can assist you with the enrollment process and can help you plan your program. You can also take Athabasca University online diagnostic test to determine your readiness to begin university studies and to assess your english writing abilities. Once you have begun your first course take advantage of the one to one attention that your assigned tutor can provide, give your tutor a call and introduce yourself you will find your tutor is an invaluable resource to discuss course materials assignments, or anything else that pertains to the course. Your tutor is there to help you navigate your learning experience.

Graduates of the Governance Law and Management Program share a desire to make the world a better place to live they are committed to life long learning and want to achieve excellence in their chosen fields. We invite you to join us on the next leg of your educational journey.

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