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Athabasca University

Governance, Law & Management (BPA-GLM) Major

A relevant, interdisciplinary degree that you customize to meet your professional needs

What is a BPA-GLM degree?

The BPA-GLM is a public administration degree-completion program designed for students who wish to pursue careers in the public or non-profit/not-for-profit sectors. The program brings together your real world experience in public administration and management with university theory and research. Because of its inclusion of justice as an elective stream, this degree is also a good choice for those students who wish to apply to law school upon graduation.

The BPA-GLM degree is designed for diploma holders

  • We may recognize the education you bring to this program.
  • Your diploma must be an Athabasca University (AU) approved college credential* (please go to the University's Transfer Credit Database to view approved diplomas).
  • Such recognition gives you transfer credits towards your 120-credit degree.

Note: If your college does not have a transfer agreement in place, we can still consider and assess your transcripts for transfer credit towards the degree program; for further information please Contact Us.

The BPA-GLM is designed for professionals working in the public and not-for-profit sectors

  • This degree is grounded in both the arts and sciences and in your professional practice.
  • You bring your professional experience.
  • We bring to you the wider context, such as relevant theories and historical, political, sociological, psychological, economic, public administration and/or management knowledge and issues.

No diploma? No problem!

If you do not possess a diploma, consider enrolling in our University Certificate in Public Administration. Alternatively, your work experience might allow you to enter the program through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). You may find that a combination of the certificate and PLAR will give you entrance – consult with our PLAR advisors or our program advisors.

Unsure of what to do?

Do you have a 60 credit diploma but would like to "test the waters" before committing to a 60 credit degree completion program? Consider beginning with our University Certificate in Public Administration. Upon completion of this 30 credit certificate and acceptance of your diploma as entrance to the BPA – GLM program, you may apply your certificate credits towards the BPA – GLM degree. The advantage of taking the "testing the waters" route is that you will receive both the certificate and the degree credential! Best yet, if you are unable to complete the degree program mid way, you'll still have the possibility of receiving the certificate.

Updated January 26 2016 by Student & Academic Services

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